Mood Boosters

5 Mood Boosters

One of our most beloved sites, Teen Diaries, recently posted 5 ways to help boost your mood. Check out what they said below and let us know what you think:

SPEAK YOUR MIND: Ever heard the saying, “a closed mouth never gets fed”? Well it’s true. Being assertive is often difficult for teens because for most of your life, you’ve been told to “speak only when spoken to”. But in order to build self-confidence, this old way of thinking has to be modified. So when you want something, be respectful and speak up. You might actually get what you want!

EAT BREAKFAST: It’s not at the top of your priority list while rushing to get ready for school, but grabbing a quick bite will prevent grumpiness and help you perform better in class. It will also nix dizzy spells and hunger headaches that could land you in the nurse’s office.

DO LESS: Even the most ambitious person needs to take a break sometimes. School, sports, internet surfing, texting, homework, and phone calls can send your brain into overdrive. Just take time to do nothing.

EXERCISE: This tip may seem like more of a chore than a mood booster, but you have to get that way of thinking out of your noggin. Exercise has been proven by many experts to be the number one secret in getting happy fast. A single workout of cardio, yoga, pilates, or playing basketball with friends relieves stress by releasing feel-good endorphins.

MAKE SOMEONE SMILE: Our favorite tip of the bunch. Instead of staring at a classmates awesome necklace, tell her how cool it looks. Your compliment will make her smile, and her thank you will in turn make you happy.

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