American Idol
Recap: Drama Overload

With the exceptional talent this year, we knew there had to be some drama as the weeks of final eliminations came near! If you haven’t been keeping up, let us fill you in! There are four remaining contestants and each bring their own style to the stage. Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, and James Durbin. Each bring their own style to the stage from good ole’ country to extreme rock. As many people have said, it’s extremely difficult to name a winner as all four of them continue to amaze the judges and audience week after week.

Last night was no exception. Featuring the one and only, Lady Gaga as the musical inspiration and guest, the contestants chose songs that “inspired them” in their journey.

James Durbin chose to sing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Love Potion No. 9”.
Results: Judges loved it and Gaga thought he needed to shake his hips more..?

Scotty McCreedy (BFF favorite) chose to sing Alan Jackson’s “Where Were You When The World Stop Turning?” and The Coaster’s “Youngblood”.
Results: He always had Jennifer Lopez’s heart but I think this week cemented the deal. All three judges praised his performances but Gaga thought he needed to make love to the microphone..good tip for next time, Scotty!

Lauren Alaina chose to sing Martina McBride’s “Anyway” and Elvis Presley’s “Trouble”.
Results: The judges enjoyed it and all agreed that Lauren was back “in it to win it”. Gaga, with a very genuine critique, added that Lauren’s voice sounded “honest”. We couldn’t agree more!

Haley Reinhart chose to sing Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” and Ben E. King’s “I (Who Have Nothing)”.

And the drama starts..

Results: Not quite like the rest of the stellar cast. Although we thought her voice sounded as pure as ever during “Earth Song”, Randy came down a little hard on Haley and JLo didn’t completely disagree. Randy said,”It confused me with who you are as an artist. You were screaming. You didn’t go there. I didn’t like it. I thought it was a bad song choice.” Steven supported her performance by saying “they’re (Jennifer and Randy) are wrong” but Haley still took it to heart. After the show Haley said, “Everybody else gets good feedback, and they really let me have it. They don’t feel bad for me. Never have, never will. I got a little upset because that song is downright inspiring and emotional. No matter what, that hit me to the heart.”

Check out Haley’s performance of “Earth Song” below and let us know if you agree with Jennifer and Randy or Steven..

Don’t forget to tune in tonight to see who will be eliminated and who will get to show America their hometowns!

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