Ashton Kutcher's
Big Win!

Ashton Kutcher took the stage for the first time with his Two and a Half Men co-stars on Wednesday for the CBS upfront presentation in NYC and admitted he felt like he won the lottery. And he kind of did! Replacing Charlie Sheen on the mega-hit series is career changing role, and the pay check ain’t too bad either.

In his first public statement Kutcher said:
“In my 13 years in show business, I’ve never received more emails and phone calls from people congratulating me for this job. You almost think I’ve won the lotto … which I kind of did. I got the best job in show business and I’m excited about that.”

Kutcher walked on stage with co-stars Jon Cryer and and Angus T. Jones.

We can’t wait to see this WINNING team in action!

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