to School…

Everyone wants to start the year off right- I mean, it’s the perfect time to make an impression: your skin has never looked better, you’ve finally mastered Ms. Hudgens’ messy-yet-sultry-hair look (who knew mom’s mousse was more then just a counter fixture?!), and thanks to the oxford trend, you finally found the most attractive, dress-code friendly, school shoes you’ve ever owned. It really doesn’t get much better then this. All that’s left now is the three hour Target trip for school supplies…
We know there’s little you can do about some items on the list, but before you commit to dull notebooks and nondescript, clear-front binders, let the BFF team give you suggestions for fancier alternatives or clever re-dos that add that perfect pop of personality :)
Here’s what we’re thinking:
Back to School…
First, make your backpack brand new with the addition of appliqués in your favorite images or your initial letters for a cheap yet chic monogram! If time is an issue, tie a silk scarf to one of the straps for quick flare. Second, don’t be afraid of a little DIY. The only thing that will make your calculus book look less like a Steven King novel will be your new Banksy-inspired cover. Use an old paper bag for the general covering and add your favorite print to the front by simply taping it in the center with colored scotch tape. Presto! Instant cool :) Lastly, do some good and go green! Several companies are now using 100% recycled materials for their school supplies. Check out for loads of recycled paper goods or Office Depot’s ‘New Leaf’ line of notebooks.
So, what’s on your list for back to school? And more importantly how will you make it you?  

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