It is 2 P.M. and your phone battery is low…again. Doesn’t it feel like this happens every day? With school starting soon it is harder to keep your phone charged all day because you are super busy and not close to a charger all the time. To help you avoid to 2 PM energy slump we have compiled a list of helpful tricks to keep your phone battery alive for longer.

  • Turn down your backlight.
  • Searching for service kills your phone! Turn it off when you’re in a dead zone.
  • Avoid the embarrassment of your phone ringing in the middle of class and turn it off while you’re in school. Who do you need to call then anyway?
  • Don’t charge it overnight…overcharging is bad for your battery too!
  • Close out of Apps! If they’re open they use battery power EVEN when you aren’t using them.
  • Switch on Airplane Mode (this works great for iPods with WiFi)

If you cant make these little sacrifices there are other options to

extend your battery’s life. The new Duracell Powermat includes a case, a portable battery, and a charging dock. The cellular accessories brand Mophie also makes a chargeable “juice pack” case that not only protects your phone, but gives it extra juice! These come in cute colors too!

Test these out and make your battery life longer!

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