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Be an
Energy Star!

With everything else on your mind during school it is easy for the little things to go unnoticed. A laptop left plugged in, a light left on, and the AC left on high…all these little things add up to a lot of wasted energy! A few tips and you can help the environment and our energy supply everyday.

For example:

  • Unplug all electronics (computer, straightener, chargers, blow dryer, speakers, etc) when you leave your room. Even if the appliance isn’t on it still takes energy from the plug.
  • Turn off your AC when you leave your room (make sure your windows and doors are closed to keep the cool air from escaping!)
  • Turn off all of your lights when you leave. Even better, keep your lights off during the day. Open the blinds and let the sunlight be your light. (The Vitamin D in UV rays will make you happier also!)
  • When it is close enough, walk– don’t drive– to your destination.
  • Light bulbs make a difference too. Choose bulbs that have earned the Energy Star seal of approval, like LED. They last longer and give off less heat (more light!)

Start using these energy saving tips today!

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