Rescue Tips

As your #1 BFF, you know you can always come to us for your Beauty needs. This past weekend, one of our biffles brought up a very good question: How can I save my Flat strands? After much research, we decided to take some tips from Teen Vogue. Check them out and tell us what you think!

Beauty Rescue Tips

Breakage is a common concern for women with fine hair,” says Rojas, who has given a boost to everyone from Natasha Bedingfield to Kate Moss. And it should be—weak hair not only looks lifeless, but constant breakage naturally results in hair loss. For proper strength straining, Rojas recommends bulking up with regular deep conditioning treatments and says to lay off the straightening irons and tight buns and ponytails. “These can easily compromise the integrity of hair,” he adds. A flattering cut, on the other hand, is an easy way to get a lift: “Long or short, an angled cut is a must,” he says. And while you’re already in the salon, a dose of color might do you some good. According to Rojas, while one-dimensional color will only call attention to the fact that your hair is indeed flat on your head—”Natural-looking highlights and lowlights help give the illusion of depth.

To find out more, read the original article here.


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