Tuesday: Hair!

What’s one thing we do with our BFF? No, not borrow her clothes. We pass along beauty tips! Whether these tips have been passed down from momma or read from a magazine, we always want to make sure our BFF is in the know!
With these sizzling, hot Summer days, we know how hard it can be to maintain that mane of yours. The friz, the dryness, the stray-aways; what are we to do!? This week, we asked our Twitter BFFs (do you follow us at @bfftv ?) to share their best tips (or twips as we like to call them) on how to keep hair frizz-free and off your face in the summertime:
Beauty Tuesday: Hair!
@fishamy @bfftv my bff @crcsings loves the bumpit and spin pins.
Our thoughts: The bumpit is amazing. My bff with almost no hair, super thin, swears by it!
@JMC4PR @bfftv White Sands Porosity The Fix. Unnaturally high and low levels of are the main causes of damaged locks.
Our thoughts: Yep, over-coloring or heat styling or bleaching makes the hair really porous. What do you do when your locks are fried?

@jmarteca @bfftv ponytails and braids are in season for the summer and are great to keep humidity prone frizz at bay!!
Our thoughts: So braids–especially Frenchies–seem to be making a comeback–but seriously, how long can you keep them in?

Beauty Tuesday: Hair!

@tammybakerserrano Side ponytails are great.
Our thoughts: So 80’s–but fun! Tell us how you determine whether you’re a side-pony or a regular-pony gal.

Got some more hair tips to share? Drop a line below with your thought!

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