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Tuesday: Nails!

Beauty Tuesday: Nails!
BFFs, skip blowing your allowance on the it bag du jour and opt for an inexpensive fix! Switching up your nail color is one of the cheapest ways you can update an outfit in an instant. What’s more? You can swap out the colors that you’re over with your BFF and presto! Twice the polish wardrobe at your fingertips — literally. Here, our Twitter followers sound-off with their best talon tips. Check it:
@BarbGray @bfftv Just discovered Chanel Paradoxical. Haven’t tried it yet though.
Our commentary: We LOVE Chanel Paradoxical. It’s a hematite-esque purple that’s gorge for fall.
@stephintoronto @bfftv My fave signature color, have been wearing it for 10+ years, one coat OPI Bubble Bath topped by one coat OPI Sweetheart.
Our commentary: That sounds like a fabulous combo! We’ll have to try it out.
@stephanie_estes @bfftv (app) down the middle & work outward. Dark colors give an edgy look at night and sophisticated pale pinks for day.
Our commentary: We agree. We recommend cleaning your nails with polish remover twice when removing dark polish to thoroughly get rid of any traces of color.
@alllacqueredup I use an eyeliner brush dipped in polish remover to clean up any nail polish application mistakes.
Our commentary: We love this tip! That will make for much easier dark polish at-home applications. 
Got some more cool nail tips you wanna share? Then drop a line below

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