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BFF Beauty with
Lauren of Divalicious Blog

BFF Beauty with Lauren of Divalicious Blog
It’s Best Friends Week and as host of Divalicious blog ( http://divaliciousblog.com ),  I can tell you for sure this diva would all but die without her girlfriends!!
And while I get to play in a cosmetic candyland of makeup, skincare, haircare and fragrance, I can also tell you with certainty that there’s nothing more beautiful than friendship.
Being with your best friend always brings out your best smile (nope, it’s not the one you perfected for facebook pics) and laughing over something hilarious makes your skin more radiant than the finest exfoliant. It’s natural beauty that doesn’t take an hour of contouring, bronzing and highlighting. You could even say having a BFF is your beauty secret weapon.
And it’s goes much deeper than honest answers to “do I have lipstick on my teeth” “do these jeans make my butt look big” or “does my hair look frizzy“…
BFF Beauty with Lauren of Divalicious Blog

Having a BFF skyrockets your confidence. And feeling good translates to looking good. All eyes always go to the girl who knows she’s got it going on.
Having a BFF allows you to see yourself from the eyes of someone who loves you unconditionally. Maybe that feature you’ve always been self-conscious about is the thing that your BFF loves most about you and thinks makes you unique. Even if you may have insecurities about individual flaws, your BFF sees the beauty in your total package. And she’s not gonna allow you to obsess over something only you can see or notice.
Having a BFF means you’ve got someone in your corner. She’s got your back. And that means, no more frown lines or furrowed brows. Believe me, you’ll thank her for that as you get older.
And, of course, a huge part of friendship is appreciation. Your best friend appreciates you as you are and for who you are.
BFF Beauty with Lauren of Divalicious Blog
So it makes sense that BFF.tv has partnered up with the American Freedom Foundation as a tribute to, and a sign of appreciation for, our “far away friends.” By purchasing a BFF bracelet for only $10 dollars, an identical one is sent to a member of the armed forces and 25% of proceeds go towards the foundation.
Make this the week to show friends, both near and far, how much they matter to you.

Don’t forget to check out BFF Beauty for some great gifts you can get your BFF for Best Friends Week!


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