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BFF Beauty with
Lauren of Divalicious Blog

I’m Lauren Cosenza, host of Divalicious Blog (http://divaliciousblog.com) and your BFF Beauty expert. Being a BFF Beauty expert means I know a thing or two about friendship and a thing or two about beauty. And believe me when I say a girl’s gotta have both in her life.

What I love about these BFFs, Ana & Gabby, is that they have fun taking chances. (Isn’t every girl a little bolder when she’s got her BFF there?!)
They both love the bronze bombshell look, especially for summer, but don’t want to damage their gorgeous skin by baking in the sun or worse, on tanning beds. On the flip side, even though it’s just cosmetic, a fake tan gone wrong is no joke. You can end up streaky, splotchy, smelly, sorta orange-y and soooooo not natural. But with Gabby there, Ana got a Tan in a Can LIVE on-camera. Watch what happens!! 


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