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BFF Prom
Guide – Hair

BFF Prom Guide – HairHey Biffles,

To kick off our BFF Prom Guide, we decided to start at the root of the matter (haha) – Your hair. How you style your hair is just as important as picking out your dress. If you decide to wear a backless dress or a dress that incorporates a charming design on the back, you wouldn’t want to block it with your hair down. When deciding what to do with your hair, make sure to enlist your closest gal pals. They will be the ones who will tell you the utmost truth when it comes to how you look.

– To help you on your search, flip through a bunch of magazines (can either be specific to hair, or just your every day fashion mag). This will help you get ideas of what you like and giving a picture to a hair stylist is way easier than trying to describe what you want.
– Make sure to plan ahead. This is imperative. You don’t want to decide last minute on a hairstyle and realize while styling that you might not have enough or might have too much hair for it to come out the way you wanted.
– Decide on your style at least a week before the big night. If you’re doing your hair at home, make sure you have all the things you’re likely to need: mousse, gel, hairspray, clips, headband, curling iron, curlers and combs.
– Use a clarifying shampoo the week before your prom to remove any build up that might leave your hair limp and lifeless. Follow with a hot oil treatment to impart shine and luster to your locks.
– Bring miniature sizes of your hair styling products to the event for touch-ups.
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