Prom Purse Essentials

BFF PROM GUIDE: Prom Purse Essentials
Contributed by Tracy Garraud, here are 17 essentials that you will need to have in your prom purse:

Prepping for prom can be a ridiculous hassle. The dress, the hair, the date, the makeup – all are essentials that need to be handled for some serious stuntin’ and stylin’. While most of your attention will be focused on beautifying, do ask yourself one very important question before a heel enters that limo: “What’s in my bag?” It’s easy to get swept up by the whirlwind of pre-prom production, but remember that there may be some stumbles and slip-ups even during your special night. Dodge the blunders and keep your prom game tight by loading your purse with all the necessaries. Check our list below and don’t get caught partying it up without these items in tow.
1. Mascara: One of the most understated beauty features is the eyelash. Keep them flirty and fresh no matter the hour and your date will start blinking twice.
Recommendation: Max Factor 2000 Calorie Aqua Lash
2. Lotion: An ash attack can arrive when you least expect it. Don’t get caught off guard with legs that are anything less than silky. You never know whose hand might be there.
Recommendation: Vaseline Cocoa Butter Smoothing Body Butter
3. ID: Even though it’s prom, the after-party carries just as much heavy anticipation. Leave your government at home however and that’s right where your headed come the last dance.
4. Deodorant: After you’ve finished breaking ‘ol boy off to your favorite song, we bet every petal on your corsage that you’ll need to freshen up. Avoid the infamous wet marks with just a few swipes in the ladies room.
Recommendation: Secret Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
5. Fragrance: It would be a shame if you arrived at prom smelling like roses, but left smelling like stems. Keep your scent up to par by throwing in a free sample from the perfume counter or copping a roll-on.
6. Body Tape: Unless you’re going for the stripper look, nip slips are never cute. Keep the twins from an embarrassing peek-a-boo with some quick sticky magic.
Recommendation: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Tape
7. Keys: Depending on if you really want to wake up mom and dad at 6AM post-prom partying, grab these before you kiss the ‘rents goodbye.
8. Bobby Pins: No matter how many you stab into your hair, a lonely curl can always find it’s way out the bun. Keep your mane the way you intended and by picking up a few.
9. Lip Gloss: Besides your wedding, prom is the one night filled with an abundance of kisses, sips, hugs, and snacks, leaving your pout shimmer-free. Wet ‘em up with your favorite bottle of gloss.
10. Mints: Sweeten up your chances for some limo lip action with the date.
Recommendation: Tic Tac Paradise Mint Chill
11. Cell phone: May seem obvious, until your stuck with an emergency remembering how you left your phone on the couch mid-mayhem. Let this be the first thing you pack.
12. Compact Mirror: We’ve all had our many moments where we wanted to use the bathroom as an excuse to use the mirror. Prom will be filled with tons of the same girls thinking the same thing. Avoid the line and cramped space with your own personal looking glass.
13. Heel Pads: Unless you’re a model, prancing around in heels for more than five hours may be new news for your feet. Keep them comfy from the first song to the last.
Recommendation: Foot Petals Haute Heelz
14. Camera: Just like your cell phone, this is another item that can get overlooked in the mix.
15. Eyeliner: Usually the first bit of makeup to start smudging, be sure to have a liner ready for touchups come exiting the prom and entering the club. 
Recommendation: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
16. Safety Pins: You never know what snags and tears may occur, so keep them at bay with the push of a pin.
17. Money: Although prom payments are usually made in advance, you never know when your tummy may start growling or a last minute cab is needed.

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