Everyone has heard about tragic shooting in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater last week.

Within the darkness of these events, the bravery of two BFF’s Allie and Stephanie has been recognized by President Obama as a shining example of what friendship truly means.  And we here  at BFF agree!

Allie stood up to warn the others in the theater of the suspicious activity she noticed, and was immediately shot in the neck.

Her BFF Stephanie had the presence of mind to pull Allie out of the aisle and to place her fingers over the wound (keeping Allie from bleeding to death) while the mayhem continued inside the theatre.

Stephanie being the amazing BFF that she is stayed with Allie the entire time until the SWAT team arrived, even after Allie had told her to run in order to save her own life.  Stephanie pulled Allie out of the theatre and got her to the ambulances that were waiting outside.

We wish Allie Young a speedy recovery and salute Stephanie Davies for her heroic efforts!

They really put the “best” in BFF.

Who puts the best in your BFF?

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