Weekend Guide

Can’t figure out what you and your BFF want to do together this weekend? Well we are here to help! Here you will find awesome ideas to grab so you and your BFF won’t be stuck sitting at home.

Beautiful weather this weekend? : Why not have a small BFF BBQ!

A great thing about BBQS is that you don’t need a lot of people to attend in order to have a great time and you can have one on any budget. You and your BFF can plan to either have it at one another’s house or at a park (some parks are also connected to beaches which increases the fun!)

To make it quirky, you guys can create a menu or name dishes/drinks with exciting names, such as “Sarah & Jen’s Exploding Punch”. Activities like this will only increase the bond that you and your BFF have with one another, so let’s start heating up the grill!

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