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Favorite 'Divas'

VH1’s Salute the Troops will be featuring blowout performances by some of the top divas of the music industry. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites…

BFF's Favorite 'Divas'

Nicki Minaj
Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, this spunky 25-year-old rap diva burst onto the hip-hop scene with “Massive Attack” and “Your Love” earlier this year. Often see with brightly-colored tresses, this is one star that does not want to be defined:  “The point is, everyone is not black and white. There are so many shades in the middle, and you’ve got to let people feel comfortable with saying what they want to say when they want to say it,” Minaj tells OUT Magazine in a recent interview. With feminist pride, and alter-egos (like Roman Zolanski), Nicki Minaj is will definitely be making huge waves in the music and pop culture. Check out her new album, Pink Friday, which debuted at #2 this past November!

BFF's Favorite 'Divas'

Katy Perry
Califorinia Gurl Katy Perry has dominated the music scene with hits, like “Teenage Dream” and “Fireworks.” But she’s probably best known for consistently making headlines, with back-to-back performances at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the Grammy Nominations Concert Live and her recent controversial wedding to Russell Brand in India. But we all love Perry because this is one diva that knows how to have fun! (Did you catch her short-lived guest star on Sesame Street that was deemed too racy for the children’s classic?) Her suggestive lyrics, provocative outfits, and down-to-earth, Christian background make Perry a fascinating femme fatale. As Perry tells Harper’s Baazar“I’m kind of a good girl—and I’m not.”

BFF's Favorite 'Divas'

Hayley Williams
Paramore frontwoman, Hayley Williams, rounds out the band’s pop punk sounds. Collaborating with B.o.B on the hit single, “Airplanes,” earlier this year (though the pair did not even meet until recently!), Williams demonstrates her strong vocals and musical range. As singer, songwriter, and keyboardist for Paramore, she garnered a lot of devout fans with “Decode,” which became the official song of Twilight. With all of these projects, it is clear that Williams and Paramore are not going anywhere (like rumors of their break up in 2008).

These divas are great examples of women leading the charge! We here at BFF especially love that they are taking the time to “Salute the Troops.” Like our BFF bracelet, which connects you with someone in the armed forces, support for our men and women overseas and back home is amazing!

Catch these lovely ladies perform on VH1’s Salute the Troops this Sunday, December 5th.

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