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Highlight: Fig+Sage

Hola BFF’ers! Per our weekly “Blogger Highlight” series, we here at BFF are super excited to share this week’s blog, Fig+Sage. Run by sisters, Stancie and Erin, from California (holla!), Fig+Sage is one of the top eco-friendly lifestyle blogs out there.

Blogger Highlight: Fig+Sage

I know what many of you are thinking… “Eco-friendly” and “green living” are just code words for “tree-hugging hippies”. Or maybe “Buying everything organic is too expensive for me.” But with Fig+Sage, these sisters are showing readers that buying products that are natural and low-impact on the environment is absolutely doable and great for health and the planet! Without breaking the bank.

Blogger Highlight: Fig+Sage
Fig+Sage features awesome, informative reviews of makeup and bath products out there in the market, like BECAUSE Body Care seen above. Eco-chic!

Blogger Highlight: Fig+Sage
Their fashion finds highlight lesser-known eco-friendly brands, like Naya Shoes pictured above

Blogger Highlight: Fig+Sage
You can also find a rich array of home products, from bedding to desserts to water bottles (a la Vapur BPA-Free Anti-Bottles pictured above)

Blogger Highlight: Fig+Sage
Even moms who are interested in organic, eco-friendly clothes and toys for their kids, can find something at Fig+Sage

The great thing about Fig+Sage is that all of the products featured are personally tested and researched by Stancie and Erin. They take green consumerism and living environmentally consciously away from intimidating and shows us that you can stay stylish and on a budget when transitioning to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Check out their fabulous finds and rave reviews on Fig+Sage here.

Stay fab (and eco-chic) guys 

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