Friends Forever

Welcome to the official blog of BFF. Here on the BFF blog we hear first hand stories from actual best friends about how they went from being just F’s to FF’s. Hilarity, heartbreak, and everything in between, the BFF blog discovers the glue that holds friendships together. From celebrity BFF’s to the BFF’s that met in kindergarten we provide the forum for everything BFF.

There is so much in store for the 2nd season we just HAD to give you guys a place to find all the latest news. Here you will get the latest scoop for BFF, including links to new episodes and behind-the-scene footage.

With a 2nd season in tow, did you REALLY think we weren’t going to bring you a BIGGER and BETTER BFF?! Last season, we introduced you to a variety of BFF’s. From Jersey girls, aspiring actors/singers, even exes, all came out to put their knowledge of one another to the test! This season we’ve got new contestants, more questions, and even BIGGER prizes!

Click here to check out the way-too-funny promo with Jake Hurwitz!

Make sure to stay tuned! The First episode of BFF Cycle 2 launches today so be sure to tune in on MySpace (

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