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Over the weekend, one of my closest buds (we’ll call him Matt), had a little bit of a situation in which he needed advice to. Me, being the BEST BUD that I am, decided to hear his story and attempt to help him out.

The Situation: Matt is a 22 year old grad student who has never been in a serious relationship. Hey, we all have to settle down at SOME point and time. Since being in grad school, he met a girl and they became friends. They talk and flirt a lot but Matt feels as if he’s getting mixed signals, thus, he doesn’t know if he should pursue or not. According to Matt, she laughs at all of his stupid jokes (and trust that some of Matt’s jokes can be quite dry) and touches him as they joke around.

The Question: Should Matt take the chance and tell her how he feels, and possibly risk their friendship? Or should he allow things to remain the way they currently are?

The Conclusion: I told Matt that he is a boy man merely in his twenties. And with that, I see no problem in him taking the chance and telling her how he feels. Pouring his heart out isn’t necessary but simply letting her know how he feels will give him reassurance no matter which way it goes. It’s a 2 way street – her feelings are either mutual or they aren’t. And if she doesn’t share these feelings with him, then there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

What do YOU guys think? Drop a comment on the bottom and let us know your thoughts.

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