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Brad Who? Rachel
Zoe’s Front Row Dis!

Hell hath no fury like a fashionista scorned!

Rachel Zoe and former assistant, Brad Goreski, came face to face at the Marchesa fashion show at The Plaza in New York City on Wednesday, and reportedly, Zoe gave Brad the cold shoulder.

Our spies tell us that as Zoe made her way to her seat, she stopped to say hello to a woman sitting in the front row, who happen to be seated right next to Zoe’s ex-BFF.

So how did the celebrity stylist handle the awkward sitch? She completely ignored Brad.

“He kept staring at her thinking that she would say something to him but she turned her back on him as she was speaking to the woman and then walked off,” says a witness.

“Brad seemed really miffed by the whole thing,” the witness added. “He was receptive to saying hello.”

As Zoe walked away, Goreski mouthed “Well . . . ” to his seat companion.

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