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We know none of you have a sunburn (since you all read our sun safety post!) but in case the sun still happened to get the best of you we have a great sunburn reducing remedy!

There really is nothing more uncomfortable than a sunburn so we hope this helps!  Share with your BFF if they get a burn too!!

What you need:

3-4 inch piece of an aloe vera plant (sliced in half)

1 tablespoon of coconut oil (in liquid form)

½-1 teaspoon of raw honey

1 loose t-shirt

What you do:

Rub the aloe vera all over the burn and let dry for 1 minute, take the coconut oil and rub on the burn (over the aloe), add the honey to any areas looking especially red and burned, put on the loose t-shirt and go to bed.  Wipe off the aloe/coconut oil/honey mix with a warm cloth and your burn will be gone!

For all who missed our sun safety tips, read them here http://bff.tv/slather-on-2/

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