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all Choco-holics!

Chocoholics, we have wonderful news for you: did you know that today is Chocolate Day?  Yes, you read that correctly.  July 7th marks a glorious 24 hours that are entirely devoted to everyone’s favorite indulgence-chocolate.  So grab your BFF and start celebrating immediately…you need to pack in as much choco-fun as possible!

Some fun chocolate history for you (use these facts to impress your BFF with your extensive chocolate knowledge!):

  • The cacao tree was discovered 2,000 years ago in the rainforests of the Americas.
  • The first people known to have made chocolate were the ancient cultures of Mexico and Central America, including the Maya and the Aztecs, who used the cacao to make a spicy drink.
Looking for creative ways to spend the holiday?  Try melting chocolate bars into fondue and dipping fruit, marshmallows, and rice krispies into the gooey goodness.  If you’re looking for a “cooler” option, make a cup of traditional hot chocolate and then throw it into a blender with ice for a frozen treat.  Finish off your day by renting the film Chocolat with your BFF and indulging in a pint of chocolate ice cream as you drool over the beauty that is Johnny Depp.  (Just keep reminding yourself that polishing off an entire pint is totally acceptable on Chocolate Day!)
Calling all Choco-holics!
Enjoy, chocolate fans!

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