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camilla1 Camilla Supports the Troops!

Joining fellow entertainers, America Ferrara and Jason Derulo, actress Camilla Belle is the latest famous fan of the “One 4 You, One 4 Me” bracelets, which give civilians a way to connect with U.S. troops. “I have pride for my country,” says the star in a PSA video in support of the BFF bracelets, a joint initiative by the American Freedom Foundation (AFF) and BFF Entertainment. Donning one of the minimalist leather bands, Belle explains, “It’s a symbol of my support for friends of the military serving our country.” Each of the bands comes engraved with a unique number, and when you register a specific bracelet, its matching pair is sent to an active military serviceman overseas, who you can connect with through the AFF’s online community. To read more of this article and to view Camilla’s PSA, please visit:

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