Here on BFF we celebrate everything that ties Best Friends, and what couldn’t be better than showcasing every week, our favorite celeb BFFs! Celebrities are constantly in the limelight and it’s obvious that they need that one person they can lean on, which brings us to this week’s favorite pair of Celeb BFFS:

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale.

These two Disney stars met on the set of High School musical and have had each other’s back ever since! On down time, these gals (including close friend Miley Cyrus) throw slumber parties to let loose and chomp down on In-N-Out Burger and divulge on Pinkberry. In an interview with OK! Magazine, Ashley says, I think it’s always important to have girlfriends because guys tend to come and go. It’s always great to have those girlfriends for support, and who have your best intentions and who you can trust.

You definitely only need those who have your best interest in mind in your life, those who don’t can just fall back.

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