Here on BFF we celebrate everything that ties Best Friends, and what couldn’t be better than showcasing every week, our favorite celeb BFFs! Celebrities are constantly in the limelight and it’s obvious that they need that one person they can lean on, which brings us to this week’s favorite pair of Celeb BFFS:

Eva Longoria Parker & Mario Lopez

Okay, so lets get this out of the way—Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez are both very good-looking. So good-looking, in fact, that the nature of their friendship is often debated. “I get so much [flack] for having friends like Jamie Foxx and Mario Lopez, who are like brothers to me,” Longoria told Cosmopolitan Magazine. Indeed, the duo show up to support each other—Lopez was in Longoria’s wedding party—and to offer the kind of advice that can only come from a member of the opposite sex. “She’s like, ‘Don’t wear anything too tight or flashy,'” Lopez told Entertainment Weekly of Longoria’s Dancing With the Stars costume advice. “‘You still look kinda masculine.'” Spoken like a true friend.

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