Here on BFF we celebrate everything that ties Best Friends, and what couldn’t be better than showcasing every week, our favorite celeb BFFs! Celebrities are constantly in the limelight and it’s obvious that they need that one person they can lean on, which brings us to our first pair of Celeb BFFS:

Twilight Stars: Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed.

Yep, it’s true. “Bella Swan” is “Rosalie Cullen’s” BFF. Despite “Rosalie’s” hatred for “Bella” on the big-screen, in real life these two gals love spending quality time with one another. Not only are they set to star together in a new movie, K-11, in which they will be playing MEN but they also create their schedules around one another. “I stayed there [in New Orleans] while she was shooting,” Reed said. “She’s actually coming back for two more days on Monday, and I’m missing all of my press next week so I can just go be with her, just because, like, that’s what life is all about, you know what I mean?” (AfterEllen.com) Talk about inseparable!

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