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Chris Brown Get's
His $22,000 Rolex Back!

Chris Brown has one very honest fan out there. After putting on a rather entertaining, yet very possibly lip-singing, show during the VMA’s this last Sunday, Brown accidently tossed his $22,000 Rolex watch into the crowd! The gold Rolex with a white-oyster face and diamond-encrusted bezel became loose at the beginning of the performance so the singer attempted to throw it to a safe place around his performing area. Unfortunately, Brown missed his intended target and it landed in a sea of audience members.

After his performance, one of Brown’s bodyguards went into the crowd in hopes of retreiving one of his prized possesions. Luckily, it was returned by a fan who didn’t ask for anything in return. A rep for Brown told TMZ, “Although Chris did not get to meet the fan, he is very appreciative of the fan’s actions.”

What an honest person and fan! We think that Mr. Brown owes this person an in-person thank you. What do you think? Would you have returned the $22,000 watch??

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