Infinity Scarf

Who doesn’t have a few Hanes t-shirts hanging out in their shirt drawer at home? We already taught you how to update these tees into a stylish ombré top, now try turning them into cute infinity scarfs or even a headband! Worried about your sewing skills, have no fear—these are sewing free!

First things first: follow our tie dye instructions here: http://bff.tv/try-it-tie-dyed/

Now take your tie-dyed tee and cut right above the hem, and then right below the arms. The bigger the t-shirt to better to get two full wraps around for the scarf. In the spirit of waste not want not, try using the sleeves to make a headband!

That’s all! It really is that easy.

PS If you are handy with a needle, here are instructions using a length of fabric rather than an old tee! http://tinyurl.com/buewupr

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