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Dancing with
Kim Kardashian

Announce engagement. Check.

Register for lavish wedding gifts. Check.

Attend Engagement Party. Check.

Take Dancing Lessons. Check.

Seems newly engaged Kim Kardashian is eager to put her wedding plans in motion as its been a super busy week for the pair.

Earlier this week, the E! Reality star and fiancé Kris Humphries registered at the Bev Hills boutique Geary’s and let’s just say gifts for the couple won’t come cheap.

Next, they were spotted with Dancing with The Stars pro Mark Ballas. Apprently both K’s want to hone their dancing moves before the big day and who better than Kim’s partner from the show.

Kim & Kris were also seen this week at the tailors picking out Kris’s suit for the occasion.

Clearly Kimmy doesn’t want to waste a sec planning her storybook wedding.

What do you think? Is Kim becoming a ‘Bridezilla’?

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