Nicole … is a site dedicated to everything for the teenage girl. From music, fashion, and advice, it’s no wonder that we found this site to be a girl’s true sanctuary. Within the site there is an anonymous advice column called Dear Nicole. It’s a place where you can reach out for a bit of advice or a little direction. We all know life has its little (or maybe huge) complications. That is why we here at BFF decided to team up with TD to present you with, “Dear Nicole”:

Dear Nicole,

I’m a junior in high school and I’ve been having problems standing up for myself when personal attacks have been made against me. What’s the best way to remain a lady, but still get my point across without arguing?

A:Great question. Pick your battles! Not everything needs a response and in many cases, no response is the best one – It gives your attackers no ‘gas’ to continue. For the battles you do decide to join, go in with the gusto by using witty words WITHOUT the use of profanity. Keep it simple! Always put it back on your attacker. Make them feel uneasy about their volatile approach ~ especially since real DIVAS don’t act crazy and go nuts like that! A few more pointers include: avoid sarcasm, don’t try to speak over someone, and respect another person’s personal space but make sure they respect yours as well. Hope this helps!


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