Nicole is a site dedicated to everything for the teenage girl. From music, fashion, and advice, it’s no wonder that we found this site to be a girl’s true sanctuary. Within the site there is an anonymous advice column called Dear Nicole. It’s a place where you can reach out for a bit of advice or a little direction. We all know life has its little (or maybe huge) complications. That is why we here at BFF decided to team up with TD to present you with, “Dear Nicole”:
Dear Nicole
Dear Nicole,

I’ve been crushing on this guy. I don’t know if I have to be the first one to approach him or what, but I don’t want my friends to think that I’m the one making the first move. I don’t know what he really feels about me anyway … HELP!

A. There is nothing wrong with approaching the guy but that’s not necessarily my style. I suggest you flirt a bit and see if he bites. Now I don’t suggest you throw yourself at him (that’s not ladylike and you ARE a lady). I suggest you do subtle things like maybe linger in his presence a bit more, or sit next to him. If he is in the hall or near you at school then smile at him when you walk by. Try to make sure he notices that you do like him or that you are at least a bit interested. If you must approach him, do so when he is alone and see if you guys can strike up a convo. See if he is on twitter or FB and start there. Maybe a twit or convo on those sites can turn into some phone calls and maybe a budding romance. Hope this helps! 
– Nicole

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