Nicole … is a site dedicated to everything for the teenage girl. From music, fashion, and advice, it’s no wonder that we found this site to be a girl’s true sanctuary. Within the site there is an anonymous advice column called Dear Nicole. It’s a place where you can reach out for a bit of advice or a little direction. We all know life has its little (or maybe huge) complications. That is why we here at BFF decided to team up with TD to present you with, “Dear Nicole”:


Dear Nicole,

I feel like my BFF is always mad at me. She has a lot of problems and she’s stopped being my friend before. She doesn’t want me to have a boyfriend or let boys like me because boys don’t like her as much. I hate this. What should I do?


Be up front with her and let her know that she is being a bit overbearing in the relationship. If she is your best friend, you should be able to let her know your true feelings. Does she have an explanation as to WHY you can’t have other people in your life? Let her know that is an unrealistic and unhealthy request, and she’ll have to understand that you are your own person. Now to make her feel comfortable, make sure you always share quality time with your friend. As long as the relationship is being nurtured, she shouldn’t have a problem. If she does, you may have to decide if the relationship is healthy enough to remain a priority in your life. Hope this helps!

– Nicole

We agree, having a BFF is great and all but that doesn’t mean your BFF is your only friend or the only person you come in contact with.

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