Nicole … is a site dedicated to everything for the teenage girl. From music, fashion, and advice, it’s no wonder that we found this site to be a girl’s true sanctuary. Within the site there is an anonymous advice column called Dear Nicole. It’s a place where you can reach out for a bit of advice or a little direction. We all know life has its little (or maybe huge) complications. That is why we here at BFF decided to team up with TD to present you with, “Dear Nicole”:

Dear Nicole,

My stepfather thinks I’m too young to be on Facebook, Myspace, etc. because I’m only 14 about to be 15!!! I’m a 9th grader and I REALLY don’t understand why I can’t. My mom says it’s cool with her and she doesn’t mind, but he’s stopping me from my social life. I’m extremely popular because of my fashion & personality, and he is totally ruining my LIFE! Why is that Nicole?

A: Sometimes parents, especially fathers, can be a bit overprotective when it comes to the budding social lives of their children. Rightfully so sometimes, after all there are a lot of pedophiles on the internet these days. If you don’t understand his viewpoint, it’s likely that he doesn’t get yours either. I suggest you start there. Take some time to talk to your dad about your interests and be willing to listen to his concerns. See if you can come up with a compromise. Hope this helps!


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