December Series: Best Videos
of 2010, Part III!

We are continuing our Best Videos series this week with a few fun favorites.

‘Glee’ Teaches You How to Dougie
Heather Morris and Harry Shum Jr. (also known as the clueless cheerleader Brittany and smooth-dancing Mike of Glee) teaches fans how to dougie! Check out the original dance by Cali Swag District here, and see how Heather and Harry compare.

Bunnies in Cups
Yes, that is the full extent of the explanation. Not much really happens in this video; it is literally just bunnies. In cups. But they’re SO cute! Watch out guys, these bunnies can be pretty addicting…

“Hope This Gets to You” by The Daylights
With the help of The Daylights, commercial director Walter C. May creates this innovative digital love letter for his girlfriend, Lex, who moved across the country for graduate school. His goal was to send this to her virally, and within a matter of days, it worked! And just when you thought the cuteness factor couldn’t be any more intense after the “Bunnies in Cups” video above…

The year is almost over so catch our final installment of the Best Videos of 2010 next Tuesday! Remember, if you have a favorite video to share, feel free to add it in the comments section below, and your video could be chosen for our last feature! 😉

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