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December Series: Best
Videos of 2010

Hey Biffles! To countdown to the new year, BFF is recapping, each week, all of your favorite videos from this year! Remember the McDonald’s chicken nugget rage video, or Liu Wei, the armless pianist who won China’s Got Talent? Well, we do! Follow us as we take a look at some of this year’s funniest, cutest, and most outrageous videos every Tuesday this December! Let’s start the series off with…

OK Go – “Last Leaf”
Who DOESN’T love OK Go’s awesomely intricate videos. See what some wackiness on a few treadmills leads to! (Apparently for OK Go, it’s Rube Goldberg machines, show dogs, and toast!)

Double Rainbow
Whoever Hungrybear 9562 is, he must be the one guy who is THIS enamored by the magic of THE DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!

Australia’s Next Top Model Host Announces the Wrong Winner!
Enough said.

Tell us what your favorite videos of the year were, and YOU could be featured in BFF’s Best Videos of 2010 series!! Stay tuned next Tuesday for another round of crazy videos!

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