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Demi Dating 26
year old Model??!

Photo: onemodelplace.com

Is Demi Moore really dating a 26 year old model, now that the she’s split from husband of 6 years, 33 year old Ashton Kutcher? That’s the buzz!

The 49 year old actress was spotted on Saturday in Los Angeles with model/personal trainer Blake Corl-Baietti.

On the modeling website onemodelplace.com, Corl-Baietti describes himself as “hard working, honest and diligent as they come,” and says that he has a “positive, fun loving attitude.”

Good for him.

But if Demi has any hopes of shedding her cougar image (and ever meeting someone special) than this is definitely the wrong way to go.

The couple denies that they’re dating, but we’re not so sure.

What do think is going on? Is Demi rebounding with another younger man?

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