Denim For
The Cure

Jeans – everybody has their favorite pair. They’re comfy and they go with just about EVERYTHING! Well today, we here at BFF are sporting our denim in support of an important cause: combating breast cancer.

Denim For The CureNational Denim Day, hosted by Lee Jeans, hopes to raise awareness about this disease, which has affected millions of people worldwide – not just those who are diagnosed with breast cancer, but also their friends and family. Even if you can’t donate money, what’s also important is showing your support and spreading the word.

So before you reach for your black stretchy leggings or that staple fall pea coat, grab your BFF and rock a denim skirt, jacket, or even a DIY Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-esque pair of jeans.

To find out more about this deadly disease and how you can help out, visit the official Denim Day website.

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