Did Kim K
Dump her BFF?

Men may come and go in the life of Kim Kardashian but good friendships should be forever. So what gives? Why has Kim supposedly cut ties with long time friend, Brittny Gastineau?

Kim didn’t attend Britnny’s 28th B’day celebration in West Hollywood this past weekend, and the noticeably absent friend caused plenty to raise their eyebrows. Britt addressed the matter by saying, “I’m not talking about Kim so nobody bother asking me.”

According to reports, Gastineau is hurt that Kim and her momager, Kris Jenner have “cut off the majority of their close friends since [she] filed for divorce”.

Others sources say that Kim cut ties with Gastineau because she expressed her concern about Kim’s quickie engagement and wedding.

Come on Kim! Either way, none of this makes sense.

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