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Jean Book Bag!

DIY – Jean Book Bag!

Got a pair of old, torn jeans? Not sure what to do with them? Recycle them by learning how to turn them into a stylish book bag!

Things You’ll Need:

* Old pair of jeans
* Scissors
* Needle and thread or sewing machine
* Belt (optional)
* Decorative fabric paint or glitter (optional)

Lay out the jeans you want to use. To make a bag with a straight bottom, cut a straight line just above the crotch area, cutting off the legs and bottom seam. To make a V-shaped bag, simply cut the legs off from seam to seam.

Turn the jeans inside out and use needle and thread or a sewing machine to make medium-sized stitches along the edge, making sure to take care at the seams (thick seams can damage a sewing machine).

Once you have sewn the bottom securely, cut your straps from your leftover denim legs, cutting them into whatever thickness and length you want. You can either sew them into the inside of the jeans or tie them securely to the belt loops on the outside.

To decorate, add a belt to the belt loops and cover purse with colorful fabric paint and glitter. You can also find patches to sew or iron on. Now you have finished your bag!

Tips & Warnings

* The length of the straps will dictate what kind of bag it is; long straps will make a shoulder bag or tote, short straps will make a satchel or small purse.

* If you do not own a sewing machine, learn how to sew medium stitches at http://www.alternative-windows.com/stitches.htm.

* If under the age of 18, make sure to have an adult supervise and help you.

* Do not try to attempt to machine sew the thick, denim seams. Doing so will potentially break your needle. Instead, sew the seams by hand and the fabric with the machine.

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