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Does Pippa Middleton
have a NEW Boyfriend?

Well, we don’t know if we’d say Pippa Middleton has a NEW boyfriend, so much as we’d say she has a boyfriend. Period.

The Sun is reporting that Pippa Middleton has rekindled a relationship with her longtime friend, George Percy. The two reportedly had a fling in 2008 when they were students at Edinburgh University where they met.

Since then, the pair has remained very close friends, even during Pippa’s 2 year relationship with ex-boyfriend Alex Loudon.

Things heated up for the two again at a New Year’s Eve bash thrown by the Middleton family.

The Percy family is one of the wealthiest in the UK, with estates worth $500 million! The Earl will one day be the Duke of Northumberland. His family owns Alnwick Castle which was used as the setting for Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter films.

According to reports, Percy is “very smitten and completely in love with her.”

If things work out, sister Kate won’t be the only Duchess in town. Pippa would also enjoy the title of Duchess if she were to marry the Hogwarts heir.

Now how is that for a pair of royal sisters!

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