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Does your BFF go
shopping in your closet?

Sharing is caring, right? That’s what we were repeatedly told in preschool, kindergarten, elementary school…you get the picture. So does that mean that not sharing is not caring? Absolutely not!

Q: My bff loves to raid my closet, especially after I go shopping. She often takes my clothes without asking (“This is awesome! I’m going to borrow this!”) and then forgets to return them! I have to nag her day after day for my clothes, and often she returns them in a poor condition. She stretched out my favorite t-shirt and left a small ink stain on my new white dress. As much as I love her, I just really don’t want to share anymore! How do I tell her without hurting her feelings?

A: Obviously, it is difficult to tell your friend that her closet privileges are being revoked. The best way to address the issue is in a casual manner as it is happening. The next time she grabs an item from your closet and announces that it will look great with her new jacket, tell her that you were planning on wearing it that week. You can also make a joke out of it: “No way! I love that shirt. I’m going to call the police if you kidnap it from me!”. Most importantly, do not stress over the issue! You are not a horrible friend or a terrible person for not wanting to share!

Tell us – have you ever found yourself in a similar scenario? How did you handle it?

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