to Impress

We love dresses! In the fall/winter it becomes harder to wear them on a daily basis. The cold weather makes us want to crawl into a comfy sweater and our favorite jeans.  That is why we are so excited about this fall’s hot trend, long sleeved dresses! Whether in a solid color or a funky pattern they are perfect for the fall and winter (end even the cold beginning of spring!) They are super cute and fun, and give you all the warmth you need for a fall day. Thanks to Reinery29 we have a wonderful list of dresses in a range of prices and fancy-ness. Take a look at their slideshow. Let us know your favorites! We like them all, but our favorites are: 3 (Asos), 4(Open Ceremony), 6 (DV Dolce Vita), and 10 (Madewell).