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Eat This,
Not That

With all the rich (but often unhealthy) food that is served during summer, BFF is here to provide some healthier substitutions!


Eat edamame, not popcorn

This bean, which is often found in Chinese or Japanese restaurants, tastes great with a sprinkle of salt and is full of protein and vitamin K.


Drink seltzer with fruit juice, not soda

Seltzer with a splash of your favorite fruit juice (cranberry, grapefruit, etc.) is delicious and doesn’t have the chemicals of soda.


Eat pita pizza, not pizza

Regular cheese pizza can be delicious, but it can be high in salt, fats, and calories. A yummy alternative is a pita pizza! Buy a whole wheat pita and top it off with tomato sauce, cheese, and veggies for added nutrition.


Healthy on!




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