Though this book is not new, it is most deserving of a post. In the fifth grade at my new school they made us read Ella Enchanted. No one really wanted to read the book and our teacher said, “Trust me, you’ll finish it before you are supposed to.” I think the whole class did. The story is enchanting, as the title suggests. Set in the land of fairies, elves, castles, and princes, Ella is a regular girl with an awful “gift.” The gift of obedience, along her path to find the fairy that gave her the gift she meets many road-bumps (evil stepsisters, giants, an evil King) and a VERY handsome prince. Will she ever find the fairy that bestowed this gift and get it reversed? Like many great books it has also been turned into a movie starring Anne Hathaway as Ella and Hugh Dancy as the prince.