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Ellen, James Blunt,
& Bieber do GAGA!

With so many upcoming movie releases and music videos coming out, there have been incredible media frenzies surrounding some of our favorites actors and musicians! For example.. Britney’s video teasers, Bieber’s pop up performances and dramatic movie trailers, and it seems like Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are literally everywhere at once promoting Just Go With It.

However, Lady Gaga took a different route. Instead of saturating the media and press with teasers, she is keeping mum about her music video release of “Born This Way” set for this Friday. But.. she did release her lyrics leaving us wondering how it’s going to sound!

Leave it up to Ellen.

Ellen took a stab at how Born This Way is going to sound and we think she did a pretty good job.. especially with her choice of collaboration! Check out this hilarious clip of her, Bieber, and James Blunt as they each give a little of their personality to Gaga’s lyrics.

We’re thinking the real version may sound just a weeeee bit different….

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