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Epi 3 Recap
of The Bachelorette

The adventure to find true love continues for Ashley as she searches for her Mr. Right out of the remaining 15 contenders. The date card of the week said “Love Strikes in a Flash”, which was awarded to Ben. Both Ash and Big Ben look hot as they drive away in her Maserati to go on their first REAL date, if this could even be considered “real”. Instead of showing off the Maserati or even racing it on a track, A takes B to a dance studio to bust out some moves, where the two then go perform their routine in the park with some television network extras. Then, miraculously out of no where, the band known as the Far East Movement who sing “Like a G6” and “Rocketeer”, perform for the people while A and B show a bit of PDA and groove away. To reward Ben for his dancing and accepting park embarrassment, A decides to actually feed him and go out for a nice dinner! What a reward and a cherry on top of the day. We cannot wait for the group date next episode!

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