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Ew! Snooki uses
Kitty Litter WHERE?

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has done quite a few things over the years that are questionable, but her recent admission just has us saying one word: Gross!

On last night’s Conan Show, the Jersey Shore star revealed her latest beauty regimen. She doesn’t like to spend her hard earned cash on fancy face creams and cleansers. She told the chat show host, she googles DIY beauty treatments instead and her most recent search led to a beauty treatment which involves putting cat litter on her face to exfoliate the skin.

“It’s got exfoliates, they’ve got rocks in there,” she said, “It makes your skin really smooth, and Cat litter is a substitute for that.” She later added, “I haven’t broken out at all yet!”

We’ll say it again. Gross.

Watch it here:

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