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Exclusive Interview
with Bean

Last Friday at the Band Against Bullying concert in NYC we were lucky enough to meet singer/song-writer Bean. The Texas cutie agreed to do an exclusive interview JUST for BFF TV! Bean is talented, high energy, and is awesome on stage. If you haven’t already be sure to check her out on twitter @noellebean, Facebook, or on her website www.beanmusic.com. (You’ll thank us later.) Check out Bean’s interview below:


BFF: What is your inspiration for your lyrics?

Bean: Inspiration for my songwriting comes from true life events and the most random of things. It could be from a love relationship to a random tv commercial that sparks something inside me to write. It’s a very very fun process and a very special thing to write music!

BFF: Who is your BFF and what makes them so special?

Bean: My very best friend is a girl by the name of Jana Hall. She’s so special to me because we’ve been friends for nearly 10 years now and even though she lives 12 hours away from me in Nashville now, our friendship is just as fresh as it was on day 1 🙂

BFF: What is something you hope to accomplish in your career?

Bean: One thing on my career “to-do” list is to most definitely win a Grammy.

BFF: What is your favorite beauty trick (the one thing you need to go out)?

Bean: Cat eyeliner and Red lips POW! Ready to go.

BFF: Describe your style in three words or less?

Bean: Retro Re-invented

BFF: Who is your favorite musical artist?

Bean: Coldplay. I’m a little obsessed.

BFF: What is your favorite book?

Bean: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

BFF: What do you listen to right before you go on stage?

Bean: Lots and lots of mainstream pop to get me peppy 🙂 haha

BFF: What’s your sign?

Bean: Virgo!


There you have it! Our inside scoop with Bean! Stay tuned for more insider interviews, and keep your eyes and ears open for Bean.

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