Exclusive Interview with
Megan and Liz

We were so pumped to get to interview rising stars and YouTube sensations Megan and Liz! Check out what these girls had to say to BFF!


BFF: What is your sign?

We’re both Scorpios!

BFF: What is your Favorite Book?

Megan: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Liz: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

BFF: Who is your current music obsession?

Megan: I’m always listening to new music. I think that’s my obsession… to find the next hit before it’s a hit.

Liz: I’ve really been into country music recently! I love Hunter Hayes especially! 

BFF: You’re twins and BFFs. What is it like working together? (Be Honest LOL)

Megan: I’m actually being 100% honest when I say it’s the best thing ever. We know each other so well, so it’s always comfortable and if we’re ever in situations that aren’t so comfortable, just having Liz there is a peace of mind. She really is my best friend and she always knows how to make me feel better if I’m upset that day, or how to keep me from losing my mind if I get upset over something. We really balance each other out and it’s great having her around 24/7. J

Liz: The music business can sometimes be a lonely one, because sometimes you end up in an unfamiliar city with a ton of free time, and since we have each other, there is always someone to go explore with. I think that honestly if we didn’t have each other we wouldn’t be doing this!

BFF: What has been a highlight of your careers? What are you most excited to accomplish?

Megan: Definitely having a national TV commercial! I still wake up and I’m like… is this real life?! I’m definitely most excited to get radio airplay. That’s always been a big dream of mine; to “have a song on the radio.”

Liz: I like to say that I haven’t had the highlight yet. I mean, there are so many things that I am beyond thankful for, and I can’t believe a lot of it that has happened.. But there is so much that I still want to achieve, and we dream BIG, so we don’t plan on slowing down!

BFF: What is your favorite part about performing?

Megan: I love the uncertainty of it! It’s what makes it fun. If you mess up, you get to laugh. If you laugh the audience laughs with you. It’s just all kinds of fun!

Liz: My favorite part of performing is the rush that comes from it. I love going on stage and feeling the energy of all the people in the audience. There is literally nothing like it in the world.

BFF: Where do you get inspiration for your lyrics?

Megan: Real life! I could be overhearing a story and a single word could inspire a song. It’s pretty fun actually!

Liz: Lyrics come from so many places, real life mostly, but I could be walking and see a street sign that is interesting, and think, “hey that would make a great song title!”

BFF: What is the best part of meeting fans?

Megan: I love listening to their stories. I always try and put myself in their shoes and it’s fun for me. Honestly, they’re the nicest people ever and we’re so lucky to call them our “fans.” I feel like they’re my friends more. Like, any of them I could leave with and go eat cupcakes and watch movies and have a good time with!

Liz: Meeting fans is honestly so much fun. Everyone is so nice, and so genuinely excited to be a part of what Megan and I do. It’s just really nice to see the faces of the people that make it all happen, and be able to give them all hugs and say thank you for everything that they do for us.

BFF: How do you stay grounded and keep in touch with friends at home?

It’s really hard to see our friends. They’re all busy with college and we’re busy with music, but we text and plan weekends out of the year to meet up. Staying grounded comes from our mom and each other. The second one of us does something that seems “diva,” it takes .2 seconds for our mom or one another to be like “WOW. Not cool!”

Liz: To stay grounded, I think having each other is a big part of that. We always will tell each other the honest truth about how we act, or what we do, so it keeps us grounded! As far as seeing our friends goes, we always text, and see each other when we can, and always try to make the best of the time that we do have together.