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Exclusive Interview
with Miasha

New for Music Monday!

Last week we came across a cool new artist, Miasha, and her debut single, “Everybody’s Beautiful.” The hook is awesome and the song has an uplifting, life-affirming message! We are totally addicted to it. Check it out here: http://soundcloud.com/perpetual-media-relations/everybodys-beautiful-from

And below is our exclusive interview with Miasha. She was nice enough to answer some of BFFs questions!

BFF:  What’s your sign? 

Miasha: Taurus

BFF: Current music obsession? 

Miasha: I am really loving this new DJ group called Tale Of Us. Their music has so many different layers to it …. I really feel that when I listen to any of their songs that I am able to fully lose myself in their music.  Their heavy bass and beats when they kick in is just awesome. Been blasting this song 6 Degrees Feat. Fiora (Tale of Us Remix.)

BFF:  Can you tell us a story about your best friend?

Miasha: Who are they? My Best Friend is my sister Tora. We are 15 months apart and we literally tell each other everything and still occasionally share the same clothes…haha. She is a singer as well and has just released her second album. My sister and I are always asked to sing at family gatherings and we are never asked to sing our own material …we always end up singing Sister, Sister from White Christmas . Since we were 7 years old, my sister has always sung the starting note …she always sings in my ear “do re mi do ” …we crack up every time …some things never change.

BFF: What is a career goal you have? 

Miasha: Very simply I want to be making and performing music until I’m too old to stand up and belt it out.  So many amazing careers I would love to model mine after, but having longevity in music would be the greatest achievement.

BFF:  One thing you need to do before you leave the house?  (make up/ part of your getting ready routine)

Miasha: I always love to have music playing while I’m in the bathroom getting ready. I love singing and dancing in front of the mirror while getting ready … i can get super distracted and come up with ideas for my show or a song … I call this the mirror groove ..haha

BFF:  What is your favorite thing about fall? (fashions, weather, anything really!)

Miasha: Gotta love fall…  Not only is the air super crisp and makes me feel totally energized, but it’s also BOOT SEASON.  And of course, my favorite holiday Halloween!

Happy Listening!

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